Rent a car in Baku without a driver

The service of rent a car in Baku without a driver from AvtoRent Rent a Car in Baku company is focused on individuals and legal entities who needs a particular class of vehicle for temporary use:
- To travel to the regions or the nature of the country
- To participate in a wedding ceremony / events
- In a case of breakage of own car
- For use as a corporate mode of transport
- For a meeting / seeing guests, etc.

Using a rent a car in Baku without a driver from AvtoRent Rent a Car in Baku company you can get an advantage to have an inexpensive reliable rental car (economy class) , medium and business class rental cars ,you can also take advantage of using an executive cars.
For renting of vehicles see the section – Price List .

Requirements for customers

Minimum age
- 23 years old

Driving experience
- 1 year

Required documents

For individuals:
- Identity card;
- Category “B” driving license

For legal entities:

- A proxy to sign documents on behalf of the legal person;
- A foreign passport of a person who presents the proxy and ” B ” category driving license
- Details of legal entity

* each additional driver – refers to the above-mentioned documents

- The territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Vehicles rent and delivery procedure

AvtoRent Rent a Car in Baku gives cars for rent to a customer technically in good condition , clean ( case and interior ), with full fuel tank as per manufacturer recommendation. At the end of rental period a customer should return a car in clean condition (case and interior) with full fuel tank which is suitable for a car brand , in time and place, mentioned in contract. If the rental car is returned back by customer in dirty condition, with not filled fuel tank, the customer must pay the amount of the service fees specified in contract .
AvtoRent Rent a Car in Bakuvehicles are given for rent based on ” A delivery act of vehicles ” where they record a condition of cars in renting and delivery time.
If customer returns car 2 hours later than apointed time, they pay fine to AvtoRent Rent a Car in Baku company with the service fee specified in the contract.
After carrying out all obligations mentioned (300$) in contract and paying all service fees and additional fees, penalties (if existing) and etc. the deposit -concluding in contract is back to a customer.